Email Marketing is one of the original digital marketing tactics, and still one of the best!

Targeted Email

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We utilize a universal count system platform available to all of our clients. This platform enables your media group to change any aspect of the geos and selects to fit the perfect audience and help gain a better understanding of the available records for their specific campaign.

The name of the consumer is added to the subject line of the emails to help promote user experience and make the consumer more comfortable with opening the email. This includes faded text after the subject line that continues to give deals or information above the creative. Personalization helps incentive the consumer to open the email in header and footer texts.

To remarket potential consumers, we send a second email in the months targeting openers or non-openers and clickers or non-clickers to help promote conversions by hitting the shown engaged or interested people before reaching out to new records.

A list of consumers are compared against the records we sent our Targeted Email campaign to. This is to see the exact number of consumers who converted through the Targeted Email Marketing campaign.

A list of consumers that have already bought the product or participated in the deal. We ensure those consumers do not continue to receive emails so money is not wasted on consumers who will not interact with the email.

Traffic Builders Specializes In Professional, Optimized, And Target-Specific Email Campaigns

Targeted email marketing is a great opportunity to get your clients’ message out to new and potential customers. In fact, 93% of US adults have an email address, with 82% of those adults actively using it at least once a day. Traffic Builders is committed to delivering the best user experience for your media group’s Targeted Email Marketing campaigns. We use detailed analysis to craft thumb-stopping email that will be viewed in trusted inboxes across the United States.



  • Customized Record Platform
  • Double Opt-In Database
  • HTML Linking to Landing Pages And Social Medias
  • In-Depth Delivery Systems That Maximize Delivery & Inbox Rates
  • 170 Million Consumer Records
  • 35 Million Business Records


  • Matchbacks provide insight into people who received your email and then converted!


  • Curated & Tested Subject Lines
  • Record Requests
  • Customized In-House Creative Builds???
  • Geographic Selects
  • Demographic Selects
  • CAN SPAM Compliance


  • Algorithms To Optimize The Inbox Delivery Rates
  • Header text
  • Re-drop or Remarketing
  • Suppression lists


  • Narrative Reports On Strategic Direction
  • The Open, Click. C/O%, Shows Up-To-The-Day Performance
  • Click To Open Percentage
  • Mobile vs. Desktops


  • Demographic Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • B2B Targeting
  • Delivering Bot Free Traffic


Our 6-step process helps refine our data. We ensure the records being sent are specific to what your client is looking for. First you will receive opt-in through a network of various sources and websites in which we have data or licensing agreements with. Next we will perform scrubbing and remove any duplicates in which we already have opt-in record, running against spam trap listings and other known issue related lists. We will then verify by leveraging multiple 3rd party sources to ensure the data is verified and confirmed deliverable. We match to offline data by using our largest offline data source and then merge it with an offline individual (full name/address). Once the email address is merged with offline individual, our data profiling partner provides us with full data profiling of that individual (age, income, gender, etc.). Finally we perform additional profiling.

These two forms of email marketing only share one thing in common- they are emails. Acquisition Email sends your email creative to a list of new users who fall within the targeting parameters specified by your client. Retention Email sends your email creative to a list of users who exist within your client’s database. Retention has a much higher open and click rate because consumers are personally invested and aware of the client. (This is important to note as a quick Google Search of “industry standards” for email marketing may show results from Retention email marketing which is not comparable to Acquisition email marketing).

Yes, we do not deal, trade, purchase or obtain medical records of individuals in any way. The ONLY information regarding medical that is collected (Ailments) are 100% self-reported by the consumer which does not apply to HIPPA.

We consider an emails results to be final 10 days after the email has been sent live.